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Mikoko Pamoja Project Operational Launch

On the 3rd October 2013 the Mikoko Pamoja Project was given an official go-ahead by the Kenyan Government, with the head of the Kenyan Forest Service attending a special launch in Gazi to give permission to start operations.

Plan Vivo Validation Visit

May 2013: validation visit by Plan Vivo inspector and from June, the inspector's assessment of project suitability and report of recommendations for improvements to the project design in line with best practise.

Mikoko Pamoja Project Launch

11th June 2012 is the Official Start Date of Mikoko Pamoja Project with a village launch in Gazi area

Mikoko Pamoja is a small scale project in the Gazi area on the South Coast of Kenya showing how to manage mangroves for everyone.  Scientists work together with the local community to protect and extend mangrove areas, so that the forests:

  •     support local people
  •     improve the environment
  •     fix a large amount of carbon
  •     prove how carbon investment can work to everyone’s benefit

Read more at our Mikoko Pamoja Section




2012 EAFPES Stakeholders Meeting Report

EAFPES held a successful workshop and business meeting that involved a cross section of the stakeholders in Payment for Ecosystem Services in East Africa on the 12th April in Mombasa. Attending this one-day workshop were resource managers, foresters, policy makers, community leaders, the private sector, NGO’s, scientists and students at tertiary level.

Topics included:

        Understanding the importance of ecosystem services to human well-being.

        How to create economic incentives for local stakeholders

        Exploring the potential of carbon finance (including the voluntary market) to support forest conservation

        The election of a core team that will form part of the EAFPES secretariat, including representatives from government bodies such as the KFS, community leaders, major NGOs and the business community.

        A workshop report is available in .pdf format here: 2012 EAFPES Stakeholders Meeting Report, 12th April, Mombasa by Caroline Wanjiru



EAFPES at ‘Planet Under Pressure’ Conference 2012, 26-29th March, London

The theme of the conference was 'New Knowledge Towards Solutions'

This was an international conference to provide scientific leadership towards the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development - Rio+20, organised by the global-change programmes of the International Council for Science

One achievement of the conference was the first “State of the Planet Declaration”, which represents an impressive collective call for action amongst scientists and gives a series of concrete policy recommendations for Rio20+.

The Declaration:




East Africa Forum for Payments for Ecosystem Services - REDD and PES perspectives in WIO 


This will be a special session held during the 7th WIOMSA scientific symposium. During this session, EAFPES will be launched thus presenting a great opportunity to inform the stakeholders of coastal resources of the existence of this platform, how it works and how they can be involved. 

During the session, several oral presentations will be made and discussions will follow later on.

Below is a list of the title of the presentations and the names of the presenters. EAFPES takes this opportunity to invite you to the special session and also to join the forum.

For the abstract and the program, have the download below.